HCU has created a ‘sick bay’ in the campus equipped to provide care to students. The school also has appointed a student nurse who will be joining from 1st September 2019.

Student Nurse Job Description

Develop plans for medical student care based on assessment, interventions, and identify outcomes, and the evaluation of care – Assessment of health complaints, medication administration, and care for students with special health care needs; provide health-related education to students and staff in both individual and group settings – Identify and manage students’ chronic health care needs that affect educational achievement.

Monitor immunizations, manage communicable diseases, and assess the school environment as to prevent injury and ensure safety – Mandated health screening programs, verification of immunizations, and infectious disease reporting;

Oversee infection control measures
Actively participate in school safety plans that address school violence, and emergencies that may occur at school – A system for managing emergencies and urgent situations;

Oversee medication administration, health care procedures, and the development of healthcare plans
Oversee vision, hearing, body mass index, and mental health screening procedures
Provide first aid and support to students in the school sick bay
Discuss with the doctor on call and arrange for a visit by the doctor to the sick bay as required

Ms Kate Alfay, a retired nurse who had worked at St Jude Hospital, and with Community Health Nursing at the Ministry of Health will be the student nurse. She completed her nursing education from St Jude’s hospital and has over 45 years of experience.

The school is under discussion with a group practice of physicians to provide on call medical services and with a private insurance company to provide health insurance to students.


Accademic and Career Counseling .

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