Responsible Office: Faculty senate

Chair: The chair will be initially appointed by the President’s Cabinet for a period of one year. Afterwards the Faculty senate and the Committee will determine the Chair. The Chair will serve for a term of three academic years. The Chair is restricted to a single three-year term.

Scope: All members of Faculty will be subject to the provisions of this Committee

Overview: This Committee shall make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet concerning promotion and tenure of faculty members.

Purpose: To use the following factors to establish the tenure and or promotion of faculty members:

a. Teaching Skills

b. Clinical Skills

c. Coordinating University wide activities to include training

d. Written Scholarship

e. Curriculum Development

f. Mentoring and Role Modeling

g. Personal Qualities and Mentoring

h. Research (Medical and Clinical)

Meeting Schedule: The Committee shall meet at least once a semester and/or as and when required.

Output: Recommendations to the President’s Cabinet concerning members of the faculty who will be given tenure or promotion.

Membership: At least three members with the following:

a) One person appointed by the Board of Governors;

b) One person selected by the Faculty through the faculty senate; and

c) At least one person appointed by the President’s Cabinet

At least one individual must be a clinical faculty member

Voting: Decisions by the committee to recommend a faculty member for promotion or tenure will be by simple majority.

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