HCU is committed to implementing a modern, problem-oriented, student centered, integrated learning approaches. The institution is aware that to implement this program requires committed, motivated and properly trained faculty members.  

All faculty members joining the institution will be introduced to basic teaching-learning methodology. HCU will have at least one expert in health professions education as part of the educational leadership. This expert will enlist the support of the educational expert who is an external expert to the IRB and other external experts as required to conduct faculty development sessions.  

The first session will be on writing learning objectives. All sessions will be interactive, activity-based sessions conducted in small groups. Practical group exercises related to teaching-learning will be an integral part of each session. The second session will be on lesson planning and at the end of the session participants will be able to design a lesson plan for both an interactive lecture and for a small group session using the principles of effective lesson planning. The third session being planned will be on Self-directed learning during which participants will be introduced to self-directed learning, SDL activities, the importance of SDL and why it is important to inculcate SDL among the students.  

HCU is aware of the importance of obtaining and maintaining accreditation and the fourth session will be devoted to explaining accreditation, the accreditation process of CAAM-HP and how HCU can be fully compliant with CAAM-HP requirements. The fifth session on Teaching-learning will build on what has been learned during previous sessions. The two hour workshop that will highlight evidence based recommendations on techniques to improve teaching medical procedures, with group discussions and interactive exercises. The next session in this series will be on facilitating small group learning.  At the end of the interactive session, participants will be able to  

  • Identify advantages/challenges of Small Group Learning (SGL) 
  • Cite educational theory that supports SGL 
  • Recognize facilitator & learner behaviors that promote effective SGL 
  • Develop/advance their own facilitation skills in preparation for upcoming SGL sessions 

HCU will be using a variety of educational technologies and curricular delivery methods. With the help of the organizations from whom the technologies have been licensed for use educational sessions will be conducted for faculty.  

 HCU will encourage its faculty members to join internationally recognized faculty development programs and fellowships. HCU faculty will be actively encouraged to join the FAIMER Fellowship in Health Professions Education. During the course of the fellowship, faculty will develop a curriculum innovation project at HCU and will involve other faculty and educational leaders in their project resulting in a significant development of educational scholarship and thought leaders at HCU.    


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